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Our very magical Christmas at Disney & St. Augustine

"I knew when I met you an adventure was going to happen."
                                                                      ~Winnie the Pooh
Animal Kingdom
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Magic Kingdom6Tr99BaTK
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When I was booking our trip, I was so happy to surprise Maelen with Dinner at the Castle.    Every trip we have tried to get reservations there.       It was truly magical for all of us.  
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winneandfamilyme and poohPOOH MomentPhotoPass_Visiting_MK_407358129868IMG_6611 - Copy - CopyPhotoPass_Visiting_MK_407348589597main street

We really enjoyed staying at the Boardwalk.       Maelen really enjoyed the Boardwalk Bakery.



Dinner at Akerhus
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Passport completed!   

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Hollywood Studios
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Goodbye Disney……. Hello St. Augustine…
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Rob and I talked to Maelen,  since she googled if Santa was real, earlier in the year…  we told her our 2 1/2 week trip was our presents this year.       She agreed.    She did not even think about gifts.   She did not see us pack any.     (we had sent her gifts down with her grandparents when they left the week before)      When we got back to the beach, after Disney,  for Christmas Eve, we shopped, meal planned, and decided on our Christmas breakfast, and she was so happy to just go to the beach and have waffles that she did not even care about gifts.       When she went to bed on Christmas Eve,   Rob and I put her gifts out in the living room of the condo.   We went to sleep and on Christmas morning,  Maelen ran into our room and shouted….  “Mommy!!!  Daddy!!!   Santa came!!!”     The look on her sweet face, and the joy!     It made our Christmas.       She forgot for just a minute,  and was so excited!!!        Yes,  as she opened her gifts, she grinned and said   I love all of my gifts from Bear and Friends and my horse you all got for me.      But for that few minutes…..    it was truly magical.       
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Christmas Day on the beach.   
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The St. Augustine Lighthouse.      This was Maelen’s 3rd time climbing the lighthouse.     
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We took J & G to see Star Wars    (it was our 2nd time seeing it)
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Happy New Year from us!!!!      We enjoyed our vacation very much!!!  
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