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Master Suite (bye bye 4th bedroom)

BEFORE:   The carpet was terrible, but I already knew we were tearing the old carpet out and having hardwood put in.       The Master Closet took up so much room in the Master Bedroom.      When you walked into the room, there it was.      It also took up a lot of room in the Master Bath.       I hated how it opened up right into the Master Bath.    DSC_3179DSC_3111
There just was NOT enough room in the Master Closet either.       It took up so much room in both rooms to be so small.      So  I decided….bye bye Master Closet.         Open-mouthed smile    ((((((I decided this before we had actually purchased the house.)))))))  
  DSC_3292 - Copy
BEFORE:   Master Bathroom     The tile was in terrible shape, and in the picture you can see in the mirror,  how the Master Closet opened right into the bathroom.      Like I said,   I did not like that.     The cabinets on the sink were in terrible shape too, so we ripped it all out.      I have never been one for a tub, and we hated the lil tiny shower.    My contractor wanted me to trust him,  and he built us a huge, custom shower.       Smile   
4th Bedroom,  During:
Closet before1 - Copy - Copy - CopyDSC_3285 - CopyDSC_3289 - Copy
And…… remember the 4th bedroom?    Our contactor sealed up the entry from the hallway, and it became the Master Closet, my dressing room.      This picture is standing in our bathroom looking into the Master Closet…we had to tear out the closet inside the new Master Closet, and gave some of the room from the 4th bedroom to the Master Bath.     
During:    The new Master, more spacious, better flow.     
When you are on crunch time to move in, and best friends show up to help you paint!   Smile    This was Brenda helping me paint the Master Closet.   
I recycled the mirror from the Master Bath,  I just painted the frame.        I re-used this mirror for my new Master Closet.    
Building the new wall into the Master Bath from the Master Bedroom.      
Our contractor did an amazing job on the custom shower.       I can NOT say enough how glad I am that he talked me into this.      It is amazing!
AFTER:          HUGE MASTER with room for my home office.
AFTER:    Master Bath   LOVE OUR SHOWER.    Love the size of the Master Bath as well.     This was money well spent.
And through the double doors in the Master Bath, you open them up to this….    My Master Closet/Dressing Room.          

The hallway now: