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Maelen’s Bathroom & Guestroom

BEFORE:      We were going to keep the tub,  it was in good shape, it just was an almond color, and I really wanted all white in there.      So we ended up tearing everything out.       My contractor tore the tub out, took the linoleum flooring out,  toliet, siank and mirror out.        We painted and also replaced the light fixture, and trim.       This was a big change.      DSC_256713118944_10208462448334831_7428259146155700811_n
I am a lil obsessed with subway tile and I had to put them somewhere in the house.    We decided on Maelen’s bathroom.        Her new shower is gorgeous.    My contractor did an amazing job.       I am also obsessed with bronze fixtures.          Maelen picked out the paint color, rug and shower curtain herself.        She said she loved green and coral together.       2show

The Guest Room is at the front of the house.      It was a beautiful shade of blue, and actually was not in bad shape,  just the carpet needed replacing.    We also replaced the trim, light fixture, and painted.        I had already planned on the guest room being a lighter blue/gray.      
Maelen enjoyed helping.     We kept her busy with lil odd jobs.       We also painted the bedroom furniture that we put in the guest room.   
AFTER:      Paint color:  Behr  Distant Star.   
I decided to paint the frame of the picture over the bed, a bronze color to match the curtain rod, door knob, and ceiling fan.    I am going to paint the trunk,  I just have not decided what I am going to do with it yet.         
Our Niece, Alex, painted  the Raggedy Ann & Andy paintings when she was very young.       She knew I was doing my baby nursery in Raggedy Ann & Andy.       They used to hang in Maelen’s room until she was 2 years old.     We had them bubble wrapped and put up in the attic until we moved.         I decided to hang them in the guest room.      They mean so much to me.          
We still have another  piece of furniture we are painting that will sit under the window, beside of the bed.