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We found a house!!!

Not that we were looking!        I do not know why I was looking at real estate photos online…   I guess now,   I could say it was the first step.     It planted the seed in my head.     I loved our Hidden Acres house.    We all did.     It was nice, clean, and we had worked on it for the last 13 years.       Somehow I went from looking at real estate photos to foreclosure photos.      I found the Timberland house and could not believe the price for the sq footage.    It was 1,000 sq feet bigger than our Hidden Acres house!  It was only 5 minutes from our house and Maelen could stay at her school!    All of this was running through my head!!!!        I called Rob at work, and we agreed that we had to see this house!   We had to find a realtor!   You could say, he is as crazy as I am!      I love that man!       
I posted on FB that I needed a realtor and suddenly I had 20+ recommendations!        I made several phone calls and we found out that the house was already under contract.     Which broke my heart, but did not stop me at all!     Rob and I started looking at houses with a couple of different realtors,  since the seed was planted that we might want to move.    We did not like anywhere we looked.   A few realtors got tired of showing us houses.     Most houses had no yard, no updates,  just were not what we were looking for.      Something kept bringing me back to the foreclosure, THE Timberland  house.        I would drive by it,   I would park in front of the house.    I became a stalker of the house.    If I wasn’t stalking the house, Rob was.      The only realtor that answered her phone, and got me a showing every time I wanted to see the house, was Tina.       She became our realtor.      She got us in to see the house even though it was under contract.       If you need a realtor,  Tina Gale with Conservus Real Estate is your girl!            
Let me just say that it was not what I had imagined.     It needed A LOT of work!!!       Rob and   I could see past the things that needed to be done, and we fell in love.    The location was excellent,  we loved the yard, and all the trees.    We decided to get prequalified for a loan and to make a back up offer.          The bank denied our back up offer.     We had a contingency of selling our house before buying.       I did not accept this in my heart.    
So we decided that if we wanted the house, we had to be serious.        We decided to put in a 2nd offer on the house, of full price, and no contingencies.      We decided that we would work on the Timberland house then sell ours when we were ready to move in.     Yes this was scary.   This was a huge financial burden.      We prayed.       We knew this would strap us for cash.    Somehow our offer was accepted on March 17th.    My Grandmother’s birthday, the number of the house.  I am a strong believer of “signs”.          God had answered our prayers!!!   
As we got the news,  we started working on our Hidden Acres house getting it ready to go on the market.          We de-cluttered, we moved a lot of our things out of the attic to our in-laws, and started preparing ourselves for the most work that we had ever done in our lives.           Then we put together  a good team,  our contractor, our in-laws and a few misc. friends, and we got it done!!!      Our Hidden Acres house was to go on the market a few weeks later,  and I prayed for it to sell in God’s perfect timing, and it did.    It sold before it went on the market by word of mouth,  to a lovely family.        It was everything we prayed for!!!           

Well here is what we had to work with:   

Here is our sweet Hidden Acres house that we sold.    The house where we brought our baby home from the hospital to,  the house that held so many happy memories.    This was not as easy on me as I thought it would be.    This  house meant a lot to us.   Goodbye Hidden Acres…….              

So the new journey began.         I will post more  about the process  soon.