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Timberland. Home Sweet Home. Part 1

We closed on Timberland May 1st, and demolition started early the next morning.    We meant business!   We had 3 contractors here working plus us!!!     We rented a huge dumpster to put everything in, and ended up having to get a second.        We found a lot of  garbage and things left by the previous owners, so we cleaned everything up.       
Our plan:   Clean up the outside, pressure wash,  resurface decks, tidy up,  and paint.    Replace most of the doors leading outside.        Demolition all the flooring upstairs, and demo all the bathrooms..    Tear out the ceiling in the TV room, add lights, all new light fixtures in the house,   paint, and change out trim in the entire house.       Our plans changed as we got into the remodel.        We also renovated the kitchen, and tore out walls upstairs to turn the 4th bedroom into the master closet.      We blew our budget.     
Here are some pictures of some of the work on the outside.    
This was a beautiful day.     Home Depot had showed up with lots of materials.      I mean…. LOTS.   
The day we took ownership.
During the renovation, we decided our house needed an American Flag.     I had also pressure washed the house, and painted the shutters too.      They looked so much better!   
After :   We had the roof professionally cleaned.     Momentum Roof Cleaning.     GREAT COMPANY.      Our house looked 100% better!   The roof looks fantastic!!!  
First Snow.   We decided we hated the glass storm door, so we took it off and I painted the door white.       It was a huge improvement to the front of the house.     
We also resurfaced the front deck and replaced some supports.      We had several spindles, and two columns to replace as well.      Maelen enjoyed helping every chance she could.        We could not have done this without Jan and Gordon.      
So much more to do….     thankful for all we have done.