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Maelen’s Birthday Party–Holloway Dance School 6-14-14

Rob and I would like to thank everyone that helped us with Maelen’s party.     Mrs. Terri, from Holloway  Dance School was amazing!!!   She had everything set up  and ready for me to put the food out, and our decorations that  we took.      She had a beautiful sign hanging on the door, pictured above, she had balloons, and pink table clothes on all the tables.   She had costumes for the kids to wear, it was really awesome!!!      Thanks to Whitney for having Maelen’s favorite songs downloaded, and for her leading the kids in a couple of dances.    Maelen was thrilled!!!!    All of the kids had a great time.       Maelen’s cake was sooo good, it came from Stephanie at Frosted Parties.   Thank you to Jan, my MIL for cutting the cake, and helping with clean up.      Smile    She is always awesome!!!   Thank you to Kristina and Sheila for taking photos when I had my hands full!!!   Thank you Debbie and Rob for putting on tattoos!!!    Thank you Tessa for helping with organizing presents!!!      Everything turned out so great.    Maelen felt so special, and she took home half the toy stores!!!!        Thanks to everyone that took the time out to come to her party, and for making her birthday so special!!!          
A Rob took the next 5 photos with his cell  phone of some of the tattoos he and Debbie put on.