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Cell phone pictures of the Pre-School year. 4 yr olds

phone1 286phone1 295phone1 301phone1 304phone1 341phone1 343phone1 345phone1 355phone1 433phone1 434phone1 436phone1 454phone1 457phone1 462phone1 471phone1 474phone1 479phone1 483phone1 485phone1 493phone1 495phone1 502phone1 506phone1 512phone1 623phone1 624phone1 639phone1 661phone1 663phone1 666phone1 721phone1 768phone1 769phone1 772phone1 794phone1 799phone1 897phone1 898phone1 928phone1 930phone1 932phone1 934phone1 939phone1 1048phone1 1055phone1 1106phone1 1107phone1 1141phone1 1144phone1 1147phone1 1154phone1 1173phone1 1170phone1 1184phone1 1186phone1 1146phone1 1235phone1 1271phone1 1295phone1 1320phone1 1322phone1 1386phone1 1399phone1 1405phone1 1407phone1 1409phone1 1412phone1 1415 - Copyphone1 1416 - Copyphone1 1425 - Copyphone1 1449phone1 1518phone1 1534phone1 1535phone1 1541phone1 1542phone1 1548phone1 1574phone1 1684phone1 1730phone1 1731phone1 1733phone1 1745phone1 1746phone1 1763