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A visit to Bean Station to see my cousin and her family…

Lois has always been special to me.    I did not see her after we graduated high school.    She moved from Scott Co. to Grainger Co, and I moved to Kingsport.     Neither one of us knew this of course.      We both got married, she had kids, and life went on.           Thanks to social media we re-connected!!!!  (around 8 years ago)      We have kept up ever since.      22 months ago, Lois was diagnosed with Cancer.   This has not been easy on her, or her family.    She has over came a lot the last 22 months, and struggles daily to even get out of bed.       She has such an amazing faith and love for God.      I am so inspired by her.     Lois and Eric have 6 kids, 1 of which they had together.    This family does not act like any one is in a step family, they are just a family.       Not one kid gets treated better than the other, they are all loved equally.     Their youngest,  Erica just turned 3 in December.     The oldest daughter, Brittany, a senior in high school, is such a help to Lois when she is not able to take care of Erica.     I am so impressed with this big family!!!   They take care of each other, work together, and truly love each other!!!        I can’t say enough how proud of the woman Lois has become.     She has the strongest faith.       I pray daily for her strength and joy.       We made a promise to try to see each other every Easter to let our kids hide eggs together, and to just be together.    This was our 2nd Easter since we made the promise.     Lois asked me to take some pictures of her and her family, and I was happy to honor her request.     Her oldest son, Travis just gave a promise ring to his girl friend, and I had to get some pictures of them, per Lois’s request, and of Brittany, since she was a Senior this year.     I had fun taking pictures.         Here are a few pictures of her beautiful family.        Also some of the kids with their eggs, and enjoying each others company.    I am so glad that Maelen is getting to know her cousins.     
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