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St. Augustine/Disney Vacation 2014 (two weeks much needed vacation)

This year has been very busy.     Rob is a workaholic, he loves what he does, and he wants everything perfect!      He has put in a lot of hours lately, and we don't see him as much, but when he is home, he is ready to hang out and do things with us.   We are very social too.    Always on the go.     Not only that we have had a lot of work done on our house this year.   Last year, still recovering from my ankle issues, we did not get a lot done around the house, but we sure made up for it this year!!!!      We worked on our fence, had a screened in deck built onto the back of our house, had our old fireplace tore out, remodeled our den, new fireplace, mantel, built in bookcases,  and wood floors.      We also had our share of family sickness, my Mom’s 3 hand surgeries, Gordon’s (Rob’s dad)  heart surgery, the loss of my Grandmother, and we lost  several friends this year too.     We also lost our cat, Barney, we had him 10 years, right before  Thanksgiving.     He battled his sickness all summer long, and we had so many vet visits, and finally we could not let him suffer anymore.     He had lost so much weight, and was not eating anymore.     It broke all of our hearts.    Then there was my brother’s wedding, and then his divorce.....  This year has taken a toll on us.     We were ready for vacation.    

After Christmas we took off and went to Florida.    We could not wait to get to warmer weather, and to relax.      It wasn’t  so warm, because of the first “Polar Vortex” that hit the U.S., but it was nice to all be together, and relax and it was about 30 degrees warmer than home.    I wish I had known it was going to be that cold in Florida,  we would have taken warmer clothing.  ->   Or changed our vacation date.

My favorite part of our trip was watching Maelen and Rob swim from the hot tub.     It was so nice to sit in the hot tub and totally relax.  ->   And I did, almost every single day of vacation.       The seafood was so good too!!!  We saved our shrimp tails for the sea gulls.      The birds were always happy to see us at the beach!    Rob and I needed new shoes, we had a list of some we needed to replace so we looked around the outlets,  lucked out and found some good deals.    Jan and  I also added to our Pandora collection.         We celebrated New Years at the beach.     We had a nice dinner at the condo.   Jan made spaghetti.     We went out on the beach for the fireworks.       Watching fireworks from the beach is soooo  beautiful.   Even if it was windy and cold!!!!     It brought back memories of when I was pregnant, and Rob and I were in St. Augustine that year for New Years.  

Anyways New Years night, Rob and I booked our last minute mini vacation to Walt Disney World Resort  for the 6th-8th.   We got a Character dining, and made  an appointment for Maelen a Bibity Bobity Salon!       I can’t stress enough how much fun we had at Disney!!!   We stayed at Pop Century, and went to Magic Kingdom, Epcot and Dowtown Disney.   Maelen was over the moon happy!!!!    I was pretty exhausted.     (I am still recovering from the crud, and all that walking and being on the go constantly did me in!)    It was so nice to get to come back to St. Augustine and rest for a few more days after Disney and before the drive home.    We had some nice beach time and  hot tub time!!!   It was still not warm Florida weather, but again, it was nice enough to sit outside, with jackets...   not like at home.              Enough of my rambling on….  now to the many, many pictures I took of our awesome vacation.     Enjoy!!!
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