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July flew by too!!!

Rob has been extremely busy at work.   He had 4 or 5 (I have seriously lost count.)  certifications he had to get by the end of the month, and he has put in a lot of OT in the evenings and weekends.    I don’t know how he has worked, kept up with the yard, and socialized, but he sure has!!!     He is amazing!!!   He passed his certifications, and did very well on each one!!!    We could not be prouder!!!

Ok   Here is our July:
We have had 4 trips to the Hands On Museum this month!!!!  You could say Maelen likes the place!!!     So glad we got our Wild NC passes so we could go to the Hands On for free!!!!   
Rob, Me & Maelen
23985677-2  Hands On
The biggest thing that happened this month was Maelen finally agreed to go to the dentist.    We have talked to her since she turned 3 about going, we told her that when she turned 4 that she HAD to go.   Smile    It worked.     She went and even enjoyed it.   It helps to have a good dentist!!!    I only had my cell phone that day, because I figured it would be a fight to keep her in the chair, so here are a couple of cell phone pictures from her visit!!!        Susan Creech at Colonial Heights Dental is awesome!!!   She also examined and counted Maelen’s Doll, Ruby’s teeth as well.   They let her wear sunglasses so the light would not be so bright shining into her eyes.    (she liked this)    No cavities, and Maelen has been brushing very well!    All good news.  

Bailey O turned 4!!!!    Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!!!
Our favorite time of the year, is right after the 4th, when our friends come in from Italy, and we get to spend some time with them!!!    Sara & Giovanni, we had such a good time at our house, and in Atlanta.    I am so glad we got to go to Atlanta together!!!   Maelen had so much fun at the Mall, Aquarium and of course in the pool!!!

Of course more Dance classes….   (her favorite hour of the week)
Sad to see Summer Dance end…. already signed up and registered for Fall classes, so we will have that to look forward too!!
Maelen likes to put on bracelets, her hair clips, and lipstick.   She is 100% girlie girl.  

Of course we have been getting in the pool every chance we get as well.     The rain is crazy this year!!!    Several people have came over to swim this month!!!!   
Kristina, Catie and Sheila (not pictured) came over to come out, and swim.    Great evening with them.   Maelen likes playing with the big girls!!!!
We had an awesome visit with the Louter family.     Maelen really enjoyed having the twins, Hanna & Elizabeth and her brothers, Andrew and John over.     I enjoyed catching up with their Mom, and of course we all enjoyed the smores!!!
The King family came to visit.   Maelen loves getting to play with her cousin Catherine.    They had a great time!!!!    Matthew just chilled out in the pool and enjoyed graham crackers when we made smores!!!  Gran-Jan and Grand-Dad came by too.   It was a nice evening.  

Maelen & Rose have had the best summer playing together!!! 

Rose Swimming   7-25-13 007

We were invited to CHCC to make tie dye T-shirts with the kids.   Maelen enjoyed this very much.    Kale and Maelen had so much fun.   Maelen’s T-shirt turned out great too.
(cell phone picture)    24425_10201171171097457_1016395391_n
We were also invited a couple of weeks later to their Jump into August party for the kiddos…  This was a lot of fun!!!!
   Maelen really liked going to CHCC and playing with her friends, Kale and Rose.
Our good friend David Basinger opened up a organic bakery  and cafe in Abingdon Va., so we have made a couple of trips up there to try it out!!!!   I have to admit, I didn’t know  that eating healthy would taste so good!   The place looked beautiful too!!!   Customers were constantly coming and going, I think it will do very well.    We are so proud of him.    If you get the chance check it out.  
Maelen’s love for Strawberry Shortcake (movies/dolls) began.     This is her before church last Sunday… and I quote her….”Mommy I have cherries in my hair just like Cherry Jam…”   Cherry Jam is her favorite character at the moment.   
A play-date with Bailey got rained out early.   It hurt Maelen’s feelings because she really has missed Bailey this summer.   Bailey just got back from vacation, and Maelen was very excited to see her!!!   This is them at the park before the rain set in.
7-21-13  Bae and Mae

Rob gave Maelen my netbook.    He took all of my “stuff” of it, and re did it for her.      She loves to play games on it.    Her favorite games right now are all on Nick Jr.     It really amazes me how well she does with the computer, and she can’t read!!!!   She is only 4!!!
Maelen & Bailey got to go see TURBO together!!!  It was a lot of fun, and the girls were very excited.    We met and ate at Pizza Hut first, and then went to the movie.     These two were so excited, they couldn’t wait to get their popcorn and candy!!!!
2 34
VBS with Rose and her family at Pactolus Methodist Church.     
Mae and Rose Bible School

I visited Mrs. Lindsay and family.     We went to see their newest addition, baby Caroline!!!        Big brother, Jude, loves her!!!! 
2114567 1012
We celebrated Fionna’s 4th Bday at Panera one Sunday after church!!!
We also ran into some of our church friends there.   Maelen was so excited to see Izzy.
Fionna made Maelen the crown.     Maelen loved it.

We spent a lot of time at the park this month.    Maelen has really improved on her bike!!!    She rides one lap, then plays awhile, then rides another lap… and you get it… she will do up to a mile total.   That is pretty good for 4 years old!!!  
I have really enjoyed getting to see Craig, Alanna, Bailey and Owen.   We are always excited that they can make it to the park to play too!!

Maelen also had her 4 year well check in July.    Dr. Gendron was very happy with her.    She was 43 pounds, and 40 inches tall!!!    She is finally in the 50th percentile for height!!!   (she has always been in the 20th or 30th)     Maelen really likes Dr. Gendron.       He gave us the OK on the booster seat.   (which we were already using)     He also recommended me read Children the Challenge AGAIN….   so I have it beside the bed, and I read little bits at a time.    I feel like I say NO 100 times a day,  and I fuss at how Maelen lollygags daily.    I try not to be so hard on her, she is only going to be lil for so long… but sometimes….   she can really push it.    She is a negotiator.    If I say one story tonight, she will say 2?   Then I say no, not tonight, then she will say what about tomorrow night?     LOL    She don’t forget either.        She is really doing good on eating.    She has stopped being so picky.     She is not taking 3 hr. naps anymore… we are down to about 1 1/2 hour naps, and bedtime is a little rough because she is so sleepy, she fights it.     I can see her having an earlier bedtime very soon.    

Maelen can now swim across the pool without floaties.    It scares me to death,  but at the same time, I am so proud.   She amazes me.    She is such an awesome kid!!!
That was July.     It was a great, but busy month!!!