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Maelen’s 1st Month of Summer Break

We celebrated one of Maelen’s Best Friends birthday May 25th!!!  Happy 4th Birthday Rose!!!

Rose had her party the 25th of May!!!   We all had a great time at Eastman Cabins, and the kids played and had a great time!!!  Rose was an adorable birthday girl, and enjoyed her party very much!!!    Becky, Rose’s Mom, made the cutest Mickey Mouse Cupcakes!!!   
4  5 6
Happy Birthday Rose!!!
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  23   925Love these rotten girls!!!

June 1st was a very busy day!!!   Kale & Caroline’s birthday party was that morning, and then the end of the year Pre-School party was at our house that afternoon!!!
Here are a few pictures from the birthday party!!!
K1  K5K3K4
What a sweet party!!  Kale is 4 and Caroline is 1!!!!!     Maelen enjoyed the inflatable at the birthday party, and of course seeing all of her friends!!!   The Star Wars theme was awesome!!!   This is definitely the year of the good party themes!!!
K6  K8
K11 K9
K2 K13
K10  K17
Happy Birthday Kale & Caroline!!!   We enjoyed your party!

Then from 4-6ish we enjoyed the end-of-the-year Pre-School party!!!    We had a hotdog feast, and enjoyed the nice warm day!!!   (I was thankful our patio was finished just 20 minutes before the party, so we could actually use the patio for the party!!!  All the kids enjoyed the pool, being together, and of course the ice cream afterwards!!!
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We had such a great time!!!    I am so thankful to all the families that came out to celebrate with us.   I sent a couple of pictures in for the Sunday Scrapbook thanking the wonderful teachers we had this year.   Here is a scanned copy of the newspaper article.
Sunday Paper   Pre School Party
Then we had VBS at our church!!!  6-3-13  - 6-7-13 Maelen loved it because some of her pre-school friends got to go to VBS with her, so she had her Sunday School friends and Pre-School friends all together!!!
This is a picture of Maelen one morning before VBS.   I had to share it, because she is turning into such a girly girl!!!

16-3 26 498
11 12
After an exciting week at VBS, we had Maelen’s party on 6-8-13.   You can see pictures of her party on my previous BLOG.   (I have lots of pictures, from me taking pictures, and a big thanks to Craig who took a lot of pictures for me & my cousin Kendra even snapped a couple!)   Maelen had such a great birthday!!!   We really are blessed with such great friends!!!
6-9-13 We decided to go to the Knoxville Zoo, since we received our WILD NC passes!!!   (we only had to pay for parking…  $5.00 with our passes!)  It rained, and came a terrible storm, but we still enjoyed our visit.   We did not get to see many animals, but we got to look around a lil bit, and then we had a nice dinner in Knoxville.    It was a very nice day!!!       Maelen loved the Zoo.   We will definitely be going back.  
1 2 53
6-11-13   Maelen’s Papaw and Mamaw came to visit and spend the morning/lunch with her!!   She loved having them over.   She does not get to see them as much as she would like.       Then that evening, my friend Vickie, and her two sons came over for dinner and to swim!!!   Maelen enjoyed having boys to play with!!  They were so nice to her!

6-12-13  Play date w/ Rose
1 3
5 9

6-13-13   Beauty shop appointment w/ Mommy.      She got her ends trimmed up, and for the first time, she sat there, without sitting on my lap.  
6-13 002
Summer Dance also started The first week of June.    (6-6-13)  Exciting times!!!  TAP was introduced to Maelen, and she got new Tap shoes!!!    Every Thursday we have dance!   Here are some pictures from her classes the past few weeks!!!   
1 2
3 4
5 12 4
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2 5
7 6 8
3 5
I keep getting side-tracked because we have had so much going on, its hard to keep up with what is next!!!  Smile
Maelen LOVES dance, and can’t wait to get dressed up in her dance clothes, and go to class!!!    I see an improvement every week, and it is fun to watch her!!
6-14-13   Alanna, Bailey and Owen came over to hang out and swim!!!   It was nice having some time to spend with them.   Jenna and Chris even stopped by for a few minutes to catch up!!!   Company is always nice!!!
1 2
3 4
5 6
8 119
6-16-13   Father’s Day was spent was some amazing people celebrating Hanna & Elizabeth’s 4th birthdays!!!   They had such a cool party!!!   They had lots of outdoor activities and  an adult friendly water slide!!!   The men loved it the most!!!    A nice Father’s Day and Birthday Celebration!!!   
5 7 8
18 19
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32 35
Happy Birthday (again)  Hanna & Elizabeth!!!    Smile   We ALL enjoyed you party very much!!!!

6-17 –19   Maelen went to VBS with Kale, Rose & Zoey at Kale’s church in the evenings!!!    They all loved being together!!!    Maelen came home every night telling us about the Bible Story!!!
6-19-13 004
Rose came over on the 17th and rode with us to VBS!!!    Maelen has enjoyed having her friend with her most of the summer!!!
Of course every afternoon that it is warm, and not raining, we get in the pool and swim!!!
6-21 003

6-22-13   We celebrated a very special birthday!!!   Owen turned 1!!!!  Everyone had a great time at his Circus themed party!!!   Alanna wrote the book on decorating!!!   She can do anything!!!    I am so jealous!!!     She out did herself for Owen’s party!!!   Smile
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The very next day after church, we had Bailee Statzer’s 7th Birthday at our house.    It was a lot of fun!!!      I still can’t believe I met most of my dearest friends through my photography!!!     We love you Bailee!!!   Your Lalaoopsies party was adorable!!!  Maelen enjoyed being a “big” girl with the rest of your friends.
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So that is what we have been up too!!!   Birthday parties, play dates, VBS, dance and swimming!!!    Not to mention working around the house!!!      We love our new patio, and if the rain holds off we hope next month is just as fun and exciting as this month was!!!!    Happy Summer Ya’ll!!!!