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Stain Stress/Losing my mind.

Stained areas 004
In this picture the gate going up to the pool (the lil tiny gate) was stained 2 years ago and the same stain color was used on it.    The bottom part of the fence was built in Jan. stained in late April.   One coat.    The top part of the fence past the gate, new wood, no stain.
Stained areas 005
Honey Color
Stained areas 007
Correct color (in between the boards have not been stained yet, and I don’t rem. if this is one coat or two, but this is close the correct color as we can get)  You can see the inside is a honey color...
Stained areas 006
Inside again, Honey color...

Stained areas 008
The part that drives me craziest!!!   New fence…. new wood…. new stain… 3 or 4 diff. colors.    I don’t think it has been stained over once, but will clarify with husband when he gets home.
Stained areas 012
bottom half of the fence… good color…

Stained areas 011
top half… the crazyiness :   just another picture…
Stained areas 002
on deck 2 coats, one from this year and one from 2 years ago… dark, but ok….
Stained areas 003
Steps, dark, but ok… the deck it looks ok dark…..  at least its all the same color.
Stained areas 015
Stained areas 016
Stained areas 017
Stained areas 018
Stained areas 019
Stained areas 020
Stained areas 021
Front of the other side of the fence… we had to reverse this wood because when it stained it was so horribly dark I was embarassed and we tried everything, pressure washing it off and everything….    Now it looks decent on the front!!!
Stained areas 022
back of the same fence, the boards we tried to pressure wash, and restain, and then the horrible dark wood…   UUUUUGH!!!!  This is what was on the front.

Stained areas 024
Lil fence around pool, stained 2 years ago… looks good.