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Decorating our hallways in our stairway.

I have lived in our house for 10 years.    When it came to decorating the hallway going up the stairs,  I was always very overwhelmed and never even knew were to begin.    Rob had always wanted me to decorate the hallways.      He finally talked me into it.      I searched on Pinterest,  and got some inspiration, but nothing really fit with our spaces we had.     I had most of the frames, and decorations we needed.     We found some  in our attic or scattered all over the house.    Rob and I had no plan our anything on how to hang the pictures or even which pictures we were going to start with.     I started pulling out photos, and then finding a frame for them, and cleaned the glass and etc., and we just went with it.      We used command strips for the most part in hanging our wall of photos and decorations, and a couple of tiny nails for other things.     Rob, Maelen and I picked out our favorite pictures and we made sure to get them up on the wall.    We still have several feet we can add too, and we can always change photos out if we want.    The frames are all different colors and sizes, but it works, and looks really good.     My advice on hallways… just go with it.  
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