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Christmas w/ the fam. 2012

Most of my friends, and family know I broke my ankle.    I had some major ligament damage, and was in quite a bit of pain till after Christmas.   This happend on Oct. 19th of this year, (2012) and had to have surgery on Nov. 2nd.  
It was hard to get everything ready for Christmas, decorations, shopping, and family time, with me being not being able to do a lot.    I have to say, I have some awesome friends, and family, with their help, everything got done!!!!  
 Kuddos to Sheila, for helping me with personal hygeine, cleaning and decorating, to Becky for being super amazing and picking Maelen up for school every day, to Debbie for bringing food, and helping watch Maelen so Rob and I could do some shopping, to my neighbors D&N for looking after our pets when I was away recovering at the in-laws, and the beach.  and to my fabulous MIL & FIL for taking care of so much for us!!!!!   
My biggest support came from my very sweet husband/best friend, Rob.   He took care of me, and helped me with everything I wanted/needed done for the Holidays.    At times I was in a lot of pain, and could not do everything that I wanted to do, but Rob stepped up and helped out with everything from cooking to decorating!!!!   God truly blessed me with an awesome husband!!!! 

I apologize for the amount of photos, but you can’t put a number on the joy or blessings that I had this year!!!!   I love my little family!!!!   I hope it shows in the photos we took!!!    God Bless everyone, and I hope everyone reading, or seeing my Blog had a wonderful Christmas as well!!!    (a few of these photos were  from Thanksgiving and and getting ready for the Holidays.)  
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Some a of Maelens home-made ornaments for me this year.    
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My two loves.    
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We always enjoy Speedway in Lights, even with my broke ankle, we managed to go two times this year!!!!!   Maelen loved it both visits!!!
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Presents from Debbie & Family!!!   Maelen loves the Price Family.   They are so good to her!!!   They got her one of her fav. gifts for Christmas…  her Tinker Fairy Set!!!!  She now has all the fairies!!!   
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Look how she has grown!!!    3 1/2 years old!!!!   
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Krissy, Sheila (BFF 25+years), me and Mae 

Looking through the closet for our Christmas Decorations, I found a flower-girl dress from our wedding.    Guess who had to try it on, and play in it?    Smile
Celebrating Christmas at Mamaw & Papaws on December 23rd. 
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My new tablet!!!!  Thank you Mom, Dad, Joe & Amy & my new cover ty Rob & Maelen.         
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Maelen with her stocking!!!
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Rob playing w/ his new tablet (2 tablet family at this time)
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Christmas Eve w/ the Spanglers    -   What an awesome night with the family!!!
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Alex & Ethan (niece and nephew)
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We are now a 3 tablet family!!!!   LOL  Miss Maelen sure was happy to get her Tablet!!!!
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David & Sheila  awesome BIL&SIL
Later at home we put our reindeer food on the driveway, and put some cookies out on a plate for Santa.  Santa ate his cookies and left Maelen a bunch of gifts under our tree!!!!
Merry Christmas Maelen  12-24-12 021 
Christmas morning sure was exciting at our house!!!  Some of Maelen’s very favorite people came over to watch her open her gifts and have a wonderful breakfast prepared for them by my sweet husband, and mother in law.    Thank you Grandparents, BEST neighbors Ever David & Nancy,  and Sheila and her daughter,  my God-daughter, Kristina for coming over to share Maelens joy!!!!   We are truly blessed to have you in our lives!!!
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The one thing she asked Santa for every time we talked about Christmas...not a doll... not any disney items... but a sword….we asked her why?   Her reply….. “to fight dragons!!!”   Here is our lil dragon slayer on Christmas morning, demonstrating:  How to fight dragons!!!
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Christmas Night was very exciting, of course Maelen got to bed very late, and when she went to bed, and she took most of her new dolls to bed with her!!!!     What a day!!!!
To quote Rapunzel…. “Best Day Ever”