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Another WONDERFUL vacation in St. Augustine!!!!

Broken ankle and all!!!       Nov. 2nd- 11th, 2012

The first day at the beach, I was lucky to have just made it inside the condo!!!   So I sadly missed Rob & Mae’s walk out on the beach…. I asked Rob take the camera so I could see her face and reaction!!!     She was thrilled to be back at the beach!!!!!!
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  2nd Day, Rob drove me right out to the beach, and I walked out w/ crutches to our spot, and sat in my wheel chair in the wonderful 82 degree weather for 2 1/2 hrs!!!!   The sunshine, and happiness of the day just made me feel better!!!!     5 days out from surgery!!!
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Day 3:   Another beautiful day on the beach!!!    LOVED every moment of being out in the warm sunshine!!!   (here at home it was in the lower 40’s)
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I seem to take this same picture over and over every year!!!   Sandcastles framing them walking off to the ocean!!!  Smile  
Me sunning the boot and my good leg!!!!    Life is good!!!
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Before dinner one night, she wanted her picture taken in her “favorite” dress.   After dinner we walked (I rode in my wheel chair) down to the club house to let Mae and Rob swim!!!  I enjoyed watching them very much!!!
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Our shrinky dink bracelet we made one day at the condo.    
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It looks like I am choking her, but that is not the case, she wanted me to hug her real tight for a picture of our bracelets.   I have on my Pandora, and she has her Shrinky Dink.   LOL      Rob took me downtown and got me 3 new charms for my bracelet today!!!!
Date night with Rob.      He insisted on taking me downtown to the Columbia, and I did not resist too much.    I had on a new sweater, and I was looking forward to going back downtown to the historic district for dinner.   
Rob pushed me in the wheel chair again, and took me up to the walk way out from the Fort so I could take a few pictures.    Let me just say… I am 5’11” and usually I have a different angle on everything!!!     Being in a wheel chair I see things a lot different.    
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A very nice couple stopped as I was taking pictures, and asked us if we wanted our picture taken.    I wasn’t crazy about handing my camera over to a stranger, but Rob said Ok, and the very nice man took our picture, and chatted with us while they waited for their cab, to take them to their hotel for dinner.    St.   Augustine is truly beautiful.   
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Our day at Disney.    First of all, it is not a good plan to go to Disney 10 days out from ankle surgery, even if it is a Thursday in November!!!   It was crowded, and people were not paying attention.   I got bumped, and treated rudely by guests, not staff of Disney.   The staff was great, and they treated Maelen wonderful!!!!    She loved everything about the day.    I did not like the lines to the Princesses or Fairies, but that is what Mae was the most excited about!!!!   So I sit there for an hour at each one so she could meet them, even tho she would not talk to them, or smile for them, she could not wait to see them!!!    She was disappointed that the Princesses and Fairies were people and not cartoons.     She kept asking me about it.  I explained to her that they were the “real” princesses, and she just looked at me like I was wrong.     Smile  She was shaking, she was so excited, to meet Tink and Peri!!!   When we left them, she kept saying, “O WOW, O WOW”….  it did make the wait times more worth it for me that she was in fact that happy.   However, later at a ride, she said she wanted to meet the “real” Peri, and I told her she did in fact meet the “real Peri” and she said “ No I didn’t.”     So in her lil 3 1/2 year old mind, they were in fact, not the “real deal”…    She loved Ariel’s new ride, Cinderella’s Carosel, and the Tea Cups!!!!
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On Friday, Rob & Gordon took Maelen to the Alligator Farm.    I did not want to go.   After seeing the feeding of the Alligators, when I was pregnant with Maelen, I don’t think I ever wanna go back to that place!!!!!!  Mae liked it a lot, except for the snakes, a cobra charged the glass at her, and it scared her to death!!!! 
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  That evening, it started cooling down, but it was still nice enough to walk out to the beach for a little while.
Last Day at the Beach.  My JOY.    This was so much fun to sit and watch.    I hate I couldn’t get closer on some of the photos, but I was stuck in my wheel chair.     I still LOVE all of these, because they show Maelen’s true JOY of the beach!!!
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Last evening out at the beach.  I stood on crutches for about 5 minutes and took a few pics of Maelen!!!   It felt great to have the camera in my hands while I was standing on my feet, even if I was leaning on crutches!!!   I know she is ours, but she sure is beautiful!!!
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