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Happy Birthday Maelen!!!

* picture taken by my good friend at JC Penny, thanks Melody!!!

We had a really nice day for a pool party!!!!   Most of these photos were taken by me, but I was very busy, so I was glad that some of my good friends took some as well.   Thank you  Alanna, Chase, Kendra and Christy.    I was a very busy Hostess, and I am always thankful for the friends that help out, by getting pictures for me.   

Our invitation…. arrrrrghdorable!!!!    :)

The party:   Saturday June 9th, 2012

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The birthday girl!!!! (She woke up from her nap, and was surprised, the backyard was full of pirates!!!!!  Kinda scary at first!!!)   The kids really enjoyed digging for treasure, and the delicious cupcakes!!!!   But they were ready for the pool!!!  It was finally time for Maelen and her friends to walk the plank!!!!
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The opening of gifts started as most of the guests were leaving.    I did not want to pull her or her little friends out of the pool,  they were having way tooo much fun in the pool!!!    
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Our little treasure opening her gifts.  
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Her loot from the party!!!     I think she got half the toy store!!!  She really enjoyed herself!!!  We are so blessed to have so many good friends that came out to celebrate with us and Maelen.      

Her actual birthday!!!   June 10th!!!
After church, we had breakfast at IHOP with her grandparents, and then went home to open her presents from Mommy & Daddy!!!!
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Our princess with the other half of the toy store!!!  Happy 3rd  Birthday Maelen!!!!