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Fun day w/ the Family…..

Started out w/ Mae getting her hair cut.    A lil sad to see her baby hair get cut so much, but happy with the results!!!
She seemed happy too.

THEN…. we went to Pigeon Forge!!!!
Stopped in at THE BASS PRO to do some shopping, and to see Santa.   I did not take these photos, a nice ELF at the Bass Pro Santa Workshop Village took these.   I just wanted to share how nice the Santa was there, Maelen was crying and he went around behind her so she would calm down, she did not even realize he was there.    She did tell him that she wanted a bike as we were walking a way!!!   (he he)
After the Bass Pro, we went to the Disney Store to pick up Maelen’s prize for doing so well getting her hair cut.    She picked out a “lil mermaid” doll and a princess cup that she just had to have.   She was thrilled to get to pick out what she wanted!!!   I was thrilled that she let someone cut her hair besides me.   Smile
Then on to Dollywood!!!!

Dollywood had a special this year, if you purchased their thumb drives you could have your pictures at a reduced rate put to the thumb drive instead of the prints they print out, so we purchased one at the beginning on the season, and I am glad we did.   The pictures aren’t always great, but I like having one taken to look back through the year at how many times we went, and who we went with!!! 

This was our picture together this visit.  Thank you Dollywood for the Memories!!!
As always Dollywood was a lot of fun, and beautifully decorated. We really used our Season Pass A LOT this year!!! Mae really enjoyed it!!!
After running around Dollywood, and seeing the lights, we went to The Longhorn Steakhouse and met our friends that live in Knoxville for dinner.  
I did not get many pictures, we were too busy socializing and eating the awesome food!!!! (and free dessert we got for having to wait so long…… mmmmmm)   Kuddos to The Longhorn on customer service.